Dental Inlays &
Onlays in Cancun

Dental inlays are an excellent
alternative when crowns are not an
option yet. Learn about the benefits
and costs of this treatment and find
out how we can restore your teeth in a
single trip.

Restore Your Teeth With Inlays/
Onlays In Cancun

Are your teeth too damaged to get a dental filling, but
not so damaged to have a full dental crown? In this
case, getting a dental inlay or a dental onlay is ideal.


Here at Dental Work Mexico, we can restore your teeth with inlays/onlays in one trip, divided into two appointments. This is because we must prepare your teeth and fabricate the partial crowns in-house.


By following a two-appointment plan, we can deliver a
more precise restoration and ensure you long-lasting
and aesthetic results. Your inlays/onlays will be done in
a few days.

The Differences Between Dental
Onlay and Inlay

Dental inlays and onlays, also known as partial crowns or indirect fillings, are the same procedure, only being
different in the extent of tooth structure they restore. The amount of decay or existing filling being replaced will
determine the shape and type of the restoration.

Dental Inlay

Inlays work as a regular filling by going inside the tooth to restore deep cavities.


Dental inlays are excellent to replace amalgam fillings
or restore moderately decayed teeth due to untreated
cavities. These are indicated when the damage only
covers one cusp of the tooth.

Dental Onlay

Onlays work as a partial crown by covering part of the
tooth´s cusps and sides.


Dental onlays are appropriate to restore a tooth, almost
entirely, when the decay covers most of the tooth´s
surface and the sides. This helps to salvage the tooth
and prevent root canal therapy.

Do You Want to Know if You Can
Have an Inlay/Onlay?

Get a cost-free pre-evaluation with our dental
coordinator to know which restorations is the right one for you.

How Can Dental
Inlays & Onlays
Help You?

Teeth inlays and onlays are as good as regular dental
crowns because they are fabricated with the same
materials and are almost as durable, aesthetic, and
resistant. However, they are commonly used to restore
premolars and molars only.


By having a restoration with inlays or onlays we can
help you to solve several dental issues, and prevent
more complex procedures. Dental Inlays and onlays
can be a useful restoration to:

Replace failed dental fillings

Repair deep tooth cracks

Restore a decayed tooth

Avoid further tooth damage

Prevent a root canal therapy

Recover a tooth functionality

Improve a tooth´s esthetics

Dental Onlays & Dental Inlays
Before and After in Mexico

A Simple Restoration,
a Big Improvement

Let us bring back your smile and improve your oral health with a fantastic and rather quick dental solution.
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    Types of Inlay/Onlay Restorations Milled In-House with CAD/CAM

    At Dental Work Mexico, we have an in-house dental lab in which we can fabricate your dental restorations with
    CAD/CAM technology, shortly after the first appointment.

    Porcelain Inlays/
    Onlays The Best for Natural Aesthetics

    Porcelain inlays or onlays are excellent to achieve the
    most accurate aesthetics. We recommend porcelain for
    premolars, mostly. Besides looking great, porcelain is
    also very resistant.

    Zirconia Inlays/
    OnlaysHighly Durable and Stainless

    Zirconia inlays or onlays have the most resistance out
    of all ceramic materials. These are ideal for molars, as
    zirconia can withstand more stress due to chewing. It
    also has stainless properties.

    Yellow Gold
    Inlays/Onlays The Most Resistant Restoration

    With extremely high strength, toughness, durability,
    and resistance to wear, yellow gold inlays or onlays are
    the most long-lasting solution. However, gold
    restorations lack natural aesthetics.

    Inlays and Onlays Cost in Cancun Mexico How Much For Partial Crowns?


    $450 USD
    Per Tooth


    Tooth preparation

    Impressions and

    On-lab Inlay fabrication


    $450 USD
    Per Tooth


    Tooth preparation

    Impressions and

    On-lab Onlay fabrication


    Do You Have Amalgam Fillings?

    Come with us to undergo holistic amalgam
    filling removal and restoration with dental inlays or onlays.
    Save up to $800 USD per tooth.

    Dental Inlays/Onlays vs Dental CrownsWhich is The Best For Me?

    Both full dental crowns and partial crowns are excellent treatments to restore a tooth´s aesthetics and
    functionality, but inlays and onlays are recommended only in specific situations. Here´s a brief comparison
    between both restorative dental treatments:

    Dental Inlays/Onlays

    Preserves more tooth structure

    Less tooth prep needed

    Good resistance overall

    Minimally invasive

    Only used in back teeth


    Dental Crowns

    Requires more tooth shaving

    Excellent resistance

    Less prone to failure

    Can work with implants

    Can restore any teeth

    When is a Dental Crown Necessary?

    Contrary to onlays and inlays, dental crowns are used
    when a tooth is gone or severely damaged due to wear
    down, trauma, or diseases.


    It can happen that some of your teeth could use inlays/
    onlays, whereas others need a full crown. You can learn
    all about getting your dental crowns at Dental Work

    How Are Inlays and Onlays Made? Partial Crowns Treatment Process


    To prepare your teeth properly,
    the dentist will remove any
    decay or existing filling. Then
    he will
    re-shape the remaining cavity,
    so the dentist can take an
    impression with ease and place
    your temporary inlays/onlays.


    After the first appointment,
    your teeth impressions will be
    sent to our dental technicians
    for them to fabricate your inlay
    or onlay with CAD/CAM. This
    process can take a single day or
    a couple, depending on how
    many you need.


    On your final appointment, the
    dentist will remove the
    temporary restorations to place
    and cement the final dental
    onlays or inlays. If necessary,
    the dentist can make
    adjustments to ensure
    everything works.

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